The Iron Battery

What is it? How does it work?

The concept

The whole concept is based on the different chemical states that exist for Iron. A simple oxydo-reduction of the iron generates some small electricity, and more than 4 years of research were done on how to get this electricity  without losing it all on the way and while staying as simple as possible.

The solution that comes into the device at first is red, and changes color while being used to generate the electricity. Therefore customers can reuse the solution a few times, and know when to change it easily.

As iron is the most abundant electrochemical on Earth and it is the only consumable of the battery, the technology is safe to use both for the people and for the environment. The resulting solution, iron 2 sulfate, can be disposed in the ground without any danger.


Use of the battery

Once the battery in your possession, it uses three different consumables to produce the desired power: Paper, iron salt, and iron. Water is added to the iron salt to produce the solution that goes down inside the battery.