Let’s Bring Clean and Affordable Energy to the Poorest!

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Each subscription: a day of light offered to a Tanzanian family.

hiLyte-Power is a Swiss-based startup that aims at providing cheap clean energy for people who still use kerosene for lighting.  The hiLyte battery produces enough power to both charge a phone and give light to a room for one night. All the consumables being non-toxic and easy to find everywhere on Earth.

Even if the product is still in development, the field testing in summer 2018 has shown a very strong need for this product. The crowdfunding planed early 2019 will lead to put on sale the first batteries where it is needed.

In addition of being a solution for light and phone charging to those without electricity access, the hiLyte battery is an excellent tool for teaching chemistry in schools worldwide. Iron batteries. Iron battery. No lithium. startup. Social entrepreneurship. greentech. cleantech


The battery uses three different consumables:

_ Iron

_ Paper

_ Iron salt

Iron is the most abundant electrochemical material, paper is fully biodegradable, and iron salt is already used as fertilizer in a lot of places.

All of this make it possible for the users to dispose the used solution in the ground without any bad effect on nature.


The battery has a very simple design and is made in plastic, that is very affordable when produced in high quantities.

As Iron is so abundant, its price is very low too and it can be found directly next to the consumer. The highest part of the consumable’s price is then its transportation to lost areas.

More over the solution can be reused a few times until its color changes to blue.


The design make the battery very easy to handle. After putting the solid consumables on the side, screw lids come to cover everything.

The iron salt is sold in tablets that are to be mixed with 500ml bottles, and that give electricity for two days.

The phone charger is directly included in the battery, and the light includes a diffuser that makes it spread in the whole room.

The IRON battery!

Field Tests Numbers





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« Here in Kenya, most people use paraffin to get light . If we start using that it will be very cheap for us »

Chris Miwa |Kenyan Farmer